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Welcome to August!  We hope to find ourselves back together this month but we have not yet received the clearance for official practices.  I have a meeting on Monday evening to get more info about the near future of WHS sports and will share details as soon as I can.  In the meantime, let’s have a fun week with some great running!  There are NO official practices but I am going to suggest some locations and times for great running opportunities.  Join your friends at those times and locations if you can!  Remember your social distancing and have your mask handy!



Monday: There is no official practice but if you’d like to complete this workout at Mable Kerr Park (the Indian Trails) at 9:00am with other runners in your training pod you are welcome to do that.  Start at the side on Gifford Place.  Bring water and your mask.

Warm Up with a short run followed by the warm up drills 

Mile Repeats:  After a thorough warm up begin a fast 1 mile run.  This should be at, or slightly faster, than your race pace.  This means all out effort for the whole mile.  Then rest 5 minutes.  Repeat 2-3 times. Then do a cool down mile at an easy pace.  

Spend 10 minutes doing the stretches that feel good!  HYDRATE!!!!

Tuesday:  Fun 5k with friends at Round Lake!  This is not an official practice.  If you can’t join in on Tuesday you can still do this workout near your house on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meet at the parking lot for Doc Harris Stadium (841 NE 22nd Ave Camas) at 9:00.  We will break into appropriate size groups and enjoy a beautiful trail run!  

 Warm Up with a short run followed by the warm up drills or other dynamic stretching

High School: 1 mile warm up followed by a 5k at a comfortable fast pace.  The goal of this workout is to enjoy running the race distance and getting a feel for what it is like.  You will run with effort and intensity but not race pace.  We will go “all out” at this another time.  Then a 1 mile cool down.  

Middle School: 1 mile warm up followed by a 1.5 mile at a comfortable fast pace. The goal of this workout is to enjoy running the race distance and getting a feel for what it is like.  You will run with effort and intensity but not race pace.  We will go “all out” at this another time.  Then a 1 mile cool down.  

 We will finish with some “green laps” at the field near Doc Harris and be done by 10:30.

Tuesday or Wednesday: Strength Training/Cross Training Workout #5.  Depending on when you do the 5k workout, you can fit in the strength training on the other day.   (you can find this on the website at the tab on the top.)


         Varsity- Easy run 4-7 miles- get it done early due to the heat!!!

            Future Varsity/Middle School- Easy 2-5 mile run

Thursday:  Strength Training/Cross Training Workout #6. (you can find this on the website at the tab on the top.  I’m not available to lead a zoom workout this week.)


Before you get upset wondering why we have another hill workout, remember: Hill workouts are speed training in disguise.  And check out this great anonymous poem, it will motivate you for sure!  Another day I’ll tell you all the other benefits that come from hill work.

"Most of us try to avoid hills, but what’s so good about that?  Think about it: flat tires, flat hair, flat returns, and the ultimate – flatlining.  Life happens on the hills. They’re opportunities to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you ever imagined.  If you never attempt the ascent, you’ll never know the thrill of swooshing down the other side."

Warm up with a short run followed by the warm up drills.

Hill Run: Today we are focusing on long reps.  This will be “easier” than previous weeks and focus on building strength and endurance.

 Varsity: 5x3 minutes hills, that means that you will run up the hill for 3 minutes and then jog down.  Rest 1-2 minutes and then repeat until you have run up the hill 5 times.

 Future Varsity/Middle School: 2x3 minutes, then 3x2 minutes.  That means you will run up the hill for 3 minutes and then jog down.  Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat.  Rest 1-2 minutes and then run up the hill for 2 minutes.  Jog down and repeat 2 more times.   

 Cool Down by walking.jogging for 10 minutes followed by some stretching


Varsity runners: 6-10 miles easy

Future Varsity/ Middle School: 2-5 miles easy


Recovery day- rest day including leisure walking

Don't forget your water and your mask!


Mable Kerr Park 1 mile loop

Start and finish about 15 feet from the sign where they have placed their cones.  Stay to the left at the sign.

This is the sign close to the start!



ATTENTION: Every time you submit a workout your name will be put in a drawing to win great prizes!

Every time you finish the workout for the day please complete this form and let us all know how it went!  What was good, bad, hard, and fun?  What will you do differently next time?  Do you have a new goal?  Please share any other comments you have so we can help each other in our training!

***Scroll down to see some of the comments your friends have sent in regarding their training!

Did you remember to do your warm up and cool down?




Washougal High School Cross Country

I believe that running benefits our life in so many ways beyond the physical.  As our fitness grows so does our ability to set and achieve goals, our understanding of our limitless potentional and our friendships!  There is so much to gain that I want to share it with all of the youth in Washougal!  

I ran track in middle school and then picked up running again as an adult.  I have trained for and completed countless races.  Some highlights have included taking 1st place at the Leavenworth Marathon and Hippie Chick Half Marathon as well as running the Boston Marathon.  It's my hope that I can inspire young runners to learn to love running so they can enjoy it for the rest of their lives.



CCMS Track and Field Coach

As a lifelong Washougal resident, I look forward to returning to coach track for the second year and continuing to invest in my community.   I grew up in Washougal, participating in sports, including running cross country and track. I challenged myself in many different events, throwing being my ultimate event. In addition to coaching, I have the pleasure of being in my 3rd year teaching preschool at Cape Horn-Skye, which is my 5th year teaching overall.  I also have two children who are attending school at Cape-Horn Skye.

Being the Canyon Creek Middle School head track coach allows me to continue to pass on my love for fitness, the outdoors, and the value of relationships and teamwork.   Outside of school and coaching,  I enjoy CrossFit, am competitive by nature and  have teamed up with friends and family in soccer, softball leagues, and many racing events. I am excited to bring my enthusiasm and belief that physical activity is a life long adventure to my middle schoolers, helping them establish new bonds and inspiring future athletes.


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence"


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